My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Please see below the winning numbers from the 700 Club Draw for November 2022. 


150  Alan Richardson    £30

Donated to GHA    

201  Michael Day           £25

Donated to GHA    

504   Major Ray Taylor   £20 

Donated to GHA    

24     Reg Spence          £20

638 Lieutenant Colonel T O’Connor £15

Donated to GHA    

335    Steve Jewell       £15

Scarborough Branch   

umbers were drawn by Anne. 


Thank you for donations to the Association, it is greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards



green howards Museum link

To open  The Green Howards Museum website click the banner or image above.


Donate to the Green Howards Museum???


The generosity of our donors is vital in helping us interpret and preserve our collection for all to enjoy. We are grateful for any donation of any size.


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Friend of the GH Museum


As Secretary of the Friends of the Green Howards Regimental Museum, I'm once again on a recruitment drive.


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