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Would all Branch secretaries please check the details of their respective Branches and inform me if there are any errors. Would you also inform me if you make any changes in the future; so that I can keep your information up to date.

Branch Details



Hon Sec: Mr R Goldsmith

Tel: 01482 667915

Meeting Location: 

Catholic Club, Station Square, Beverley

Frequency of Meetings: 

Monthly, first Tuesday.



Hon Sec: Mr R Atkinson

Tel: 01606 783427

Meeting Location: 

St. Benedicts Catholic Club, 8 Rhodes Street, Warrington

Frequency of Meetings:

Monthly, third Monday at 9 p.m.



Hon Sec: Mr P Saunders

Tel: 01325 316452

Meeting Location: 

Darlington Club & Institute, North Road, Darlington

Frequency of Meetings: 

Monthly, third Wednesday.


Hon Sec: Mr M Williams

Tel: 07930 451231

Meeting Location: 

California Youth Centre, Guisborough Street,
Eston, Middlesbrough, TS6 9LA

Frequency of Meetings: 

Quarterly on 2nd Friday at 1930hrs.  January, April, July & October. The Bay horse for drinks after the meeting.



Hon Sec: Major A Warriner MBE

Tel: 01287 610352

Meeting Location: 

King George V Bowls Club, Guisborough TS14 6LE

Frequency of Meetings: 

Monthly, second Wednesday at 8.00 p.m.



Hon Sec: Mr D Hansford

Tel: 07927 782605

Meeting Location:

Belle Vue Social Club, Kendal Road, Hartlepool TS25 1QU

Frequency of Meetings: 

Monthly on 3rd Friday at 1930hrs.



Hon Sec: Mr C Inett

Tel: 01304 840700

Meeting Location: 

Digges Place, Barham, Canterbury

Frequency of Meetings:

Annual every May.




Hon Sec: YW D Benson

The Green Howards and Yorkshire Regiment Associaions

Tel: 020 7481 1233

Meeting Location:


Frequency of Meetings: Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Twice per year. Details from Secretary.



Hon Sec: Mr P Lake

Tel: 01653 693559

Meeting Location: 

‘The Old Lodge Hotel’ Malton

Frequency of Meetings:

Monthly, first Wednesday at 8 p.m.



Hon Sec: Mr K Kirkbride
Tel: 01642 945099
Meeting Location: 

Longlands Clun,Marton Rd, Middlesbrough

Frequency of Meetings:

Monthly, second Monday.



Hon Sec: Mr D Lewis
Tel: 01609 773384
Meeting Location:

Northallerton Working Mens Club, Northallerton

Frequency of Meetings: 

3 Monthly, First Friday in Febuary, May, August and November at 11:00 a.m. (Branch Dinner Friday 3rd February).



Hon Sec: Mr K Keld
Tel: 01723 585912
Meeting Location:

Conservative Club, Market Place, Pickering

Frequency of Meetings:

Quarterly, second Thursday at 7.30 p.m. January, April July and October





Hon Sec: MrP Curtis
Meeting Location:

Comrades Club, 14 Newbiggin,Richnond

Frequency of Meetings:

Monthly First Thursday, at 8 p.m. (Except January and August).



Hon Sec: Mr G Wilson
Tel: 01723 583170
Meeting Location: 

TA Centre, Coldyhill Lane, Scarborough

Frequency of Meetings:

Monthly, first Tuesday at 8 p.m.



Hon Sec: Mr W Green

Tel: 01246 433844

Meeting Location: 

The Penny Black Pub, Sheffield (Right next to Pond)

Frequency of Meetings:

Every second Saturday of the Month at 12.00 p.m. onwards. All Green Howards welcome!



Hon Sec: Mr R Butterworth
Tel: 01642 641380
Meeting Location:

Aerodrome Club, 69 Queens Avenue, Thornaby

Frequency of Meetings: 

Monthly, First Monday at 8 p.m.


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