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Images sent in by Col Clive Mantell

Photographs submitted to the site by our members for everyone to view or download. Photos come direct from our members and are added to the site unvetted so if anyone is offended by some please simply skip to the next one (were all adults here).


If you would like your photos to be shared on this site please click Here to email them direct to Steve Walker (Site Administrator). I will try to upload all submitted photos within 48 hours. Thankyou for your support in making our site what it is.

22 - Sgt Farrier Lt Fenner Sennelager 1983
21 - Sgt Bissell Lt Robinson Sennelager 1983
20 - A Coy CSM Ralph REME driver Sgt Chapman
19 - A Coy cricket Osnabruck 1983
18 - Section comp Sennelager 1983
17 - A Coy HQ crews
16 - A Coy HQ 'Goose' Gawthorn Moore Hutchinson
15-  A Coy shooting team Dhekelia 1981
14 - 7 platoon leaders 1971
12 - Bn Shooting team Bisley 1977
11 - Otterburn 1983  after storm
10 - A Coy leaders during storm Otterburn 1983
09 - A Coy Tower of London 1982 Lt Hillkirk Sgt Gregson
08 - B Coy rugby Minden 1971
07 - 7 pl old boys Jo  Whittaker CM Dennis Hurst York 2006
06-  A Coy Denmark 1983
05 - 7 Platoon Minden 1970
04 - A Coy HQ Cyprus 1981 2IC Nick Rynn CSM JOB CM
03 - Sgt Farrier Lt Mark Tovey A Coy Osnabruck 1983
01 - A Coy Canoe lesson Dhekelia 1981

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