Alan Readman joined the Army in 1963, enlisting first into the Royal Pioneer Corps. After basic training in Northampton, he was sent straight out to Aden on active service. One night, on sentry duty, he opened fire at what he thought was an insurgent, only to learn the next day that he had shot a camel. After two years with the Pioneers, he transferred to the Green Howards, joining 1st Battalion in Tripoli, later moving to Benghazi. Like many of his contemporaries, he also served in Colchester, British Honduras, Canada, Germany and in Northern Ireland. He left the Regiment after 12 years’ service from Berlin as a Lance Corporal. In civilian life he worked at Bowlby potash mine. In his application for the 50 year badge, Alan wrote that his time in the Green Howards was some of the best of his life. Alan Readman has attended four reunions and is a member of the Friends.