Anthony Gaynor was born in 1945 in Essex and enlisted at the age of 18. After training at RMA Sandhurst he was commissioned in 1965, and joined the 1st Battalion in Hong Kong, moving to Malaysia. Later he served in Colchester and Minden, including the first Belfast tour. In 1970 he returned to Hong Kong to attend a long Chinese language course, after which he worked at a government listening station. After this he rejoined the Battalion to participate in the Dungannon tour as 2IC C Company. After serving in Chester and Berlin he resigned his commission.

He soon joined 1st Battalion Yorkshire Volunteers which he commanded ten years later. He was appointed OBE and received the Territorial Decoration. Promoted Colonel, he was Deputy Commander North East District in York and Regimental Colonel of the Yorkshire Volunteers.

In civilian life Anthony Gaynor was director of the Jorvik Viking centre in York for nearly ten years, and then a management consultant. He was briefly an accident prone bus driver!

A true Green Howard, his late father in law was a Green Howard Lieutenant Colonel and his two sons were also young officers, serving in Bosnia and Northern Ireland, and supporting their father as Parade Commander.