Michael Igo was born in Middlesbrough in 1947 and enlisted in 1963. After training at Strensall he joined 5 Platoon B Company in Libya. Later he moved to Mortar Platoon and served in Colchester, Hong Kong, Malaya, Norway, Canada, Belize, San Salvador, Germany, and Northern Ireland. Another keen sportsman, he played basketball and football for the battalion. He still follows golf, the horses and is a Boro supporter.

After leaving the Army in 1970, in civilian life Mike was a haulage contractor, fireman in Cleveland, HSE Safety Advisor Worldwide. He is now retired. He joined the GHA in 1963 and later the Friends.

He recalls one day in Colchester when, walking past the company office whistling the Regimental March, Sergeant Major Hodgetts shouted “who's that whistling the Regimental March” and called him into his office. Hearing this Ted Hodgetts gave him a railway warrant to Middlesbrough and said “get yourself up there to watch the Boro play and get back for Monday; well; done Private Igo”.