A Message From Our Chairman Colonel Clive Mantell

Fellow members of the Green Howards Association

After last Sunday’s excellent Green Howard Sunday, I would like to thank all those who took part in some way – marchers, spectators, wives, families, friends. It was good to see so many in Richmond on Sunday. I know that many of you were there on Saturday, and some on Friday too!

We were lucky with the weather; that certainly made a difference.

This year’s highlight was the presentation by Colonel De Loustal of the Légion d’honneur to Charlie Hill. Charlie is a remarkable man who has seen a lot during his lifetime.

The new layout in Friary Gardens made his approach to the French Colonel all the more impressive. Colonel De Loustal was moved by the spirit of our Regimental family.

In addition to Mr Hill’s medal, Gold Badges were presented to Mr Mike Igo, Brigadier John Powell, the last Colonel of the Regiment, and to Colonel Anthony Gaynor who was our distinguished Parade Commander. It was a nice touch that Anthony was supported by his sons Miles and Tom, both former officers.

In my remarks, for those who were not present, I thanked Major Tony Warriner MBE for arranging this excellent weekend. I also thanked the Standard Bearers, members of the Yorkshire Regiment and cadets, brought together by Major Pat Ralph MM.

Several people told me that they were attending Green Howard Sunday for the first time. This was true for Richard Hinchcliffe and his wife Karen who were staying in the same B&B as me! Richard had served 9 years with us then, to remain in Derry, he transferred to another regiment. Now living in Chester he came back.

So next year, I ask all of you to try and bring in your car one new face who has been lost to the GH family. This will help us reach my target of 500. And please forward this message to your mates who are not on Tony’s email list. Older members, who don’t use email, can ask their grandchildren for help!

If you have not already done so, why not look at our new website www.greenhowards.com , brilliantly designed by Steve Walker. Thank you Steve.

I also thank Tom Wharton, Mally Such, Rebecca Walker and Jaine Hughes for the great photos which you have contributed to the site.

I end by wishing everyone a good summer and look forward to the Alma dinner 17 or 24 September (TBC) and Reunion 14-16 October. Again, let’s try to reach 500.

Best wishes XIX

Clive Mantell

Representative Colonel & Chairman Green Howards Association


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