Message from Lieutenant-Colonel E.M. Thorson, C.D., AdeC

The message below was received by Tony Warriner from a visiting Colonel to the Green Howards Museum. It is very kind of Colonel Thorson to relay his thanks and admiration for our Museum.


I am the Commanding Officer of one of your allied Regiments, the Queen's York Rangers based in the Toronto area. You may know that the Rangers are a reserve unit and my civilian employment brings me to the area to do some work at Catterick Garrison this week. I had the great pleasure of visiting the Green Howards Museum in Richmond today and was very well treated by the staff. It is a very impressive and professionally executed museum and I was very happy to have had the opportunity to visit.

If I am able to make my way back at some time I will definitely do so and will heartily recommend a visit to my friends and colleagues.

Best regards,


E.M. Thorson, C.D., AdeC


Commanding Officer

Queen's York Rangers