Unveiling of the Tom Dresser VC Memorial and Paving Stone


You will have noted on the diary dates the entry regarding the Unveiling of the Tom Dresser VC Memorial and Paving Stone on Fri 12 May 17, at the Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough.

I attended a meeting yesterday (Wednesday) and can now confirm that this event is going ahead and will start at 1030hrs. This is the Friday before Green Howards Sunday and should be the start of a good weekend for those attending.

The procedures will be similar to the unveiling of the Hollis VC Memorial but this whole event has been organized by the Dresser family with the programme put together by family and the local Royal British Legion.

As with the Hollis Memorial we will have a part in the Address and Ceremony but are not running the programme; albeit RHQ has offered advice in some areas.

We are again hoping for a good Green Howards turnout with maximum Standards on parade. Therefore, if Branch Standards will be on parade, please let me know by Mon 27 Mar 17. Can I urge Branch Chairmen/Secretaries to let me know by this date for planning purposes. The area of the site is on the Museum side and more restricted than the Hollis VC site.

Kind Regards