Gold Beach Landings

I have received a message to the site hopefully someone here can help find the Green Howard this gentleman is looking for

"Good afternoon, trying a very long shot if I may please. Myself and my ex servicemen son and son in law visited Gold Beach on 7th June 2018. Standing by the Stan Hollis VC Memorial hut, we were honoured to speak to one of your veterans with, we believe, his granddaughter. My son and son in law spoke with him and said how privileged they felt to be in the company of a Gold Beach veteran.

It was around midday. As you can imagine the discussion was very emotional. We are kicking ourselves for not getting this great gentleman’s name! Long shot as I said but is it at all possible you may have some idea of who this veteran “Howard” is? "

Very kind regards

Alan Meyern

If anyone can help with this send me an email to and ill pass the message on.