2020 Green Howards Sunday Badge Application Forms

My Lords and Gentlemen,

Please see attached the letter for the next presentation of 50 & 25 year badges at Green Howards Sunday 10 May 20.

All documentation is enclosed and please ensure a Green Howards CV accompanies your application.

Returns to me by Fri 10 Apr 20.

Could I also encourage anyone who is not a member of the Friends of the Green Howards Museum to consider joining? Application form is attached and the benefits are explain in the letter. Your fees also help to support our museum.

Please forward this email to all your Green Howards contacts.

Any queries please do not hesitate to call.

Kind Regards


Download Letter for badge applications HERE

Download 25 Year Silver badge applications HERE

Download 50 Year Gold badge applications HERE

Download GH CV Documents HERE

Download application for Bankers Standing Order HERE

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