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Photographs submitted to the site by our members for everyone to view or download. Photos come direct from our members and are added to the site unvetted so if anyone is offended by some please simply skip to the next one (were all adults here).


If you would like your photos to be shared on this site please click Here to email them direct to Steve Walker (Site Administrator). I will try to upload all submitted photos within 48 hours. Thankyou for your support in making our site what it is.

PRIZES 2016-page-001
Tom Wharton, enjoying the day_
Winner of the Guards Bog Seat Trophy Ray Painting (Again)
The Champion Peter Curtis with the winning putt
Sue Hodgson tees off on her way to winning the ladies section_
Sue Hodgson and Ann McMillan 1st & 2nd Ladies section
Roger (Charlie) Helmn 3rd place XIX_
Paul Cutler, this is the one_
Roger (Charlie) Helmn winner Officer Cup_
Peter Curtis, winner the FGHM Trophy
Peter Curtis, Winner and Champion Golfer XIX 2016_
Peter Curtis, receiving the new perpetual champions trophy. The trophy will show the last 10 years w
Peter Bennison, winner Longest drive hole 17_
Mark Cook, winner of numerous prizes_
Mark Cook, again, winner Longest drive hole 9_
Lt Col David O'Kelly practicing his cross country Hockey_
Laurie Hamilton Guards Contingient showing his swing
Fred Montage
JO'B Montage 01
Ian Williams not all bad then eh_
Group No 1
fred Pattison, winner, nearest the pin hole 13. very lucky!
Gordon Copping TGH 19 Prize
Gary 'Geordie' Armstrong
Flight 11, Billy Pattison Snr, Sue Hodgson, Anne McMillan & Fred Pattison_
Flight 10, Eddie Conway, Sean 'Acko' Atkinson & Gordon Copping_
Flight 9, Paul 'Cutsy' Cutler, Gary Payne, Mark Graves & Mike Igo_
Flight 8, Gary 'Geordie' Armstrong, Bob Purvis, Pete Lynch & Craig Campbell_
Flight 6, Gary Jemmeson, Derek Hodges, John Malley Both Lancs, Eric Hope handicap policeman!
Flight 7, Alan Cooper, Lancs, Paddy Oliver, Colin Simcox, Jeff Ashton, Lancs_
Flight 5, Mark Cook, Lt Col David O'Kelly, Tony Warriner, Roger 'Charlie' Helmn. (The premiership te
Bob Martin
Flight 4, Ian Williams, Kev Mitchell, Chris Kane & Albert Spence_
Flight 3, Alan Griffiths, Bob Martin, Laurie Hamilton & David 'Alex' Allender_
Flight 2, Dave McMillan, Brian 'Sammy' Hodgson, John O'Brien & Spike Riley. (Spot the civvy_)
Eric Hope, runner up XIX_
Dave McMillan, winner, nearest the pin hole 8_
Eric Hope, winner Best back 9_
Colin Simcox, winner guest trophy_
Colin Simcox, nearest the pin hole 5_
Charlie helmn, again! winner Longest drive hole 4
Alan Griffiths, 3rd Place guest prize_
Billy Pattison Snr, Best Front 9
A very happy Fred Pattison with the 2's winnings
'Alice' Cooper, collecting the Runner up guest prize for Derek Hodges of the Lancashire Society.
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