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Absent Friends 2022

And every friend who've lost our way,

Remembered of as of yesterday,

It's absent friends we miss the most,

To ALL, let's drink a loving toast.

Remember those not here today,
And those unwell or far away,
And those who never lived to see,
the end of war and Victory,


Absent Friends 2023

William ‘Billy’ BOXALL – 9 Jan 23 (aged 94)

Colonel Barrie George JOHNSON – 11 Jan 23

Keith WINWARD – 15 Jan 23 (aged 61)

Kenneth ‘Ken’ SPENCELY – 17 Jan 23 (aged 87)

Barry CAWTHORNE - 24 Jan 23 (aged 83)

Edwin GODDARD - 31 Jan 23, (aged 84)

Ray SCOTT – 9 Feb 23 – (aged 72)

Dennis ‘Den’ LINSKEY – 10 Feb 23

Craig Anthony James JONES – 16 Feb 23 (aged 45)

William ‘Billy’ MITCHELL – 6 Mar 23 (aged 65)

John George HIGH – 7 Mar 23 (aged 84)

Barry DRAKE – 8 Mar 23 (aged 79)

Many thanks for your service. Never to be forgotten -

Once A Green Howard Always A Green Howard!

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