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A Message From Tony Warriner - Remembrance Sunday & Cenotaph Parade - London Sun 13 Nov 16

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Every year a large number of Green Howards attend the Remembrance and Cenotaph Parade in London.  The gathering of Green Howards is organized by Kenny McGrath and will be again this year.  However, applying to attend this year will be different and people cannot just turn up on the day, or give short notice to Kenny and hope to participate in the parade etc.  Please see the attached documents.


Enhanced security requirements have been imposed by Metropolitan Police as they will conduct individual security checks on all participants.  Therefore, basic personal information will need to be provided in advance for each applicant, using the format at Annex A attached.  


For those wishing to attend, please complete Annex A with all details requested.  Do not miss out any fields as your application may not be accepted.  Please return your application to Kenny by Fri 2 Sep, who has until Fri 16 Sep to submit the collated document.  This will give him time to collate the names and check that all details have been provided.


Tickets will be confirmed at a later date so please make sure Kenny has your contact details.


Tickets are non transferrable and will not be sent until full participant details have been received. Tickets will be printed with individual participant names as provided.


Ticket holders will then need to have both photographic ID and a document showing proof of address with them for access to Horse Guards Parade via the manned Police entry points on the day.


This is not for those who cannot commit by Fri 2 Sep. If you apply you must be 100% certain of attending (an unforeseeable event accepted).  You cannot pass your ticket to someone else and I don't want Kenny having to cancel tickets at the last minute. 


Please don't mess Kenny about on this one, it is his reputation as our London representative and that of the Green Howards that we get it right and show we are well organized.  I'm sure these new security procedures will test some organizations, but we will not be one of them.


Thank you for your full support and understanding.


Kenny's contact details:

Mob: 07989 579212


Kind Regards





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