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Michael Grasby
Aug 13, 2021
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Hi guys my late father John Grasby 4798694 was born in 1911 and enlisted in the T.A. in1927-1935, then Rejoining in 1939 and being Mobilized at the outbreak of WW2 with the 4th Bn East Yorks Regt He went to France with his Regt and was later Evacuated at DUNKIRK, then in 1941 he went to N Africa with his Regt and joined the 8th Army and he was taken prisoner of war at the Battle of KNIGHTSBRIDGE in 1942 and taken to Camp PG 53 Sforza Costa near di Macerata in Italy then later he was Transferred to Camp PG 112 near Turin where he managed to escape in 1943 And unable to get back to allied lines he hid out in nearby farmland and soon after joined a partisan group he wasn't able to reunite with allied forces until 1945 a South African Unit in Turin where he was shipped back to the UK, he experienced some horrendous times with the Partisans fighting the Enemy ( Germans) and later on his Return to the UK in 1945 he gave Evidence to a War Crimes Tribunal After the war my father Served in Malaya, Austria, and Germany, I was born in B.M.H. Kinrara Kuala Lumpur in 1951, and spent most of my younger years at school in Germany B.F.P.O.40 St Georges school until finally coming to England for the first time in the Mid 1960's and I too joined the Army in 1969. Michael
My Father was C.Q.M.S. / R.Q.M.S. of the 1st Bn Green Howards 1948-1952 Malaya content media
Michael Grasby
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