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Jun 14, 2020
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After today's peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in town, i am appalled at the behavior of former Green Howards regiment soldiers. Growing up as a member of St Mary's Church i supported Green Howards regiment, listened to the Green Howards prayer each week, but after today i have lost respect for my local regiment and will no longer be supporting them. A protest in town took place to highlight that racism is still an issue and unfortunately they were proven right today by bigots who wore the Green Howards beret and held the regimental flag while shouting and jeering over the speakers at the protest and interrupting moments of silence to remember lives lost due to racism and police brutality. This is a country where your soldiers fought for freedom of speech in 2 World Wars, yet seem to now not respect that right of every person. On your next memorial Sunday would you tolerate such a bigoted protest at your memorial to your comrades? I assume that those former members who proudly wear the berets and badges are expected to behave in a civilized manner when representing the Green Howards in public? Or do you condone this behavior?
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